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Fishey Fishey


This lesson uses the Microsoft Paint program that is installed on most Windows PC's. Included on this page is a Power Point and video of the project.


1.     Before you teach this lesson familiarizing yourself with Microsoft “Paint”. This is a very simple program and will allow students to achieve success in one class period. They will also be able to repeat this on both their classroom computer and at home. You will also need to talk with your schools network administrator about the best way to save each students artwork in a class file on the school server.

2.     Start the class by showing the power point presentation on using MS Paint to draw a fish. This will give the students an idea in their head of where the class is going. Also talk briefly about the correct way to save their images.

3.     Using a LCD projector create with the class a fish making sure each student has completed each step before moving on to the next. I have provided a video below of my presentation of this lesson.

4.     Some students will pick up on this lesson very quickly and they can be employed in the class as student teachers when they finish their project and have it saved.


This is the Power Point of "How to Draw a Fish".


This video is my delivery of the Fish Drawing lesson.











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